Tonight Featuring: BOB’S MONTE CARLO

Bob’s Monte Carlo is that classic blues/jam sound blending country, funk, and jazz to create a live experience that jam purists and fans in the vein of Wilco and Vetiver can appreciate. Inspired by many years of performance, excessive late night parties, and the finest PBR beer, Bob’s Monte Carlo brings the energy and improvisation of Phish, the technical musicianship of Cream, and their passion of traditional R&B to the show.

The group consists of three members: Ted Coleman on guitar, Andrew Del on bass, and Mike D on drums/percussion. All three members lend their vocal talents to the group and their harmonies evoke the stylings of the Grateful Dead combined with the passion of Derek and the Dominoes. The energetic trio boasts over 30+ years of playing experience and are poised to come back with some of the most welcome live music performances the greater northeastern US has seen yet.