But such a tagline as offered in the title above doesn’t really do this band justice.  Yes, Waylon Speed conjures up comparisons to the glory years of Dixie rock, but there is more here than that. Power blues? Check.  Hard country? Check. There is even a two-song metal set tossed into their live show, just for kicks. Versatility is this group’s middle name, with Waylon Speed looking primed to be the next major breakout band from that southern rock stronghold of Burlington, Vermont (yes: Vermont).

Here’s what else  the press has to say:

““gas on the fire of the current music scene”

 “heavy, fiery country rock, for those who like their punk rock with some twang in it”

“the north’s long-awaited response to southern rock”

$10. 9:30PM. 18+ ($+5 if under-21). Prog-jamsters Liquid Squid open the show.