Fiery brass- and gospel-infused funk” – LA Times

“…stick-to-your-ribs style rock…”- Wall Street Journal

Sister Sparrow, Arleigh Kincheloe’s nom de disque, is a soul queen with a voice strong and raspy enough to compete with riffing horns and clipped funk beats.” – Washington Post

“…frontwoman Arleigh Kincheloe has one of the biggest voices in the soul-funk business. Prepare to be blown away.” – Baltimore Sun

What do you get when you cross Amy Winehouse and Tina Turner with Mick Jagger…?” – Glamour

Arleigh Kincheloe…presides over eight musicians with smoldering intensity, and her body language is as sly and stirring as her bluesy voice” – New Yorker


Need we add anything more? Well, how about the fact that this show will only set you back a grand total of $10 ($15 if under-21). 9:30 start with old friend Maryleigh Roohan.