Doors: 7:30pm
Show: 8:30pm

Ages: 18+ (note: there is a $5 surcharge for attendees under 21)

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Canadian metal heroes ANVIL come to Putnam Den hot on the heels of their latest release “Anvil is Anvil”.

Anvil are a Canadian heavy metal band from Toronto, Ontario, formed in 1978. The band consists of Steve “Lips” Kudlow (vocals, guitar), Robb Reiner (drums) and Chris Robertson (bass). To date, the band has released sixteen studio albums, and has been cited as having influenced many notable heavy metal groups, including Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica.

The band, in particular Kudlow and Reiner, was the subject of the 2008 documentary film, Anvil! The Story of Anvil, directed by the screenwriter and former Anvil roadie, Sacha Gervasi. Upon its release, the film garnered critical acclaim from many major publications, and has since brought the band renewed recognition, including opening slots with AC/DC and Saxon. Appearances at both major heavy metal festivals, including Download, Loud Park and Hellfest, and independent music festivals like Bumbershoot and SXSW, also followed the release of the film.

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Hailing from the city of Ventura an hour north of Los Angeles, Night Demon is a classic metal trio comprising vocalist/bassist Jarvis Leatherby, guitarist Armand John Anthony and drummer Dusty Squires. The band unites the three members’ musical inspirations and influences ranging from old-school metal greats such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Riot and Saxon to punk legends The Misfits. But whilst Night Demon’s music proudly exhibits these roots, it does so in a manner contemporary with modern time, and even in Night Demon’s short tenure as an active band since 2012, this quality has compelled first-time listeners to take notice and has made an indelible impact on them.

Besides the unadulterated musicianship and exuberance of their original tunes, Night Demon’s strength lies in their live performance wherein they win new fans every time they take the stage, whether it’s Europe or North America. They have undoubtedly established themselves as seasoned musicians, powerful performers and unrelenting road warriors, and with hundreds of shows already under their belt, Night Demon is primed for endlessly extensive worldwide touring in the immediate and long-term future, and while they carry on with this conquest for global domination, they continue to compose face-melting, spellbinding new material.

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Graveshadow is a 2016 “Sammie” award-winning (Sacramento News & Review) symphonic metal band from Sacramento, CA. Graveshadow was originally conceived in the winter of 2012 by rhythm guitarist, William Walker. The line-up features Walker along with vocalist Heather Michele, lead guitarist Aaron Robitsch, drummer Roman Anderson, and bassist Ben Armstrong.

The Graveshadow sound is defined by crushing guitars, beautiful keyboard melodies, thundering bass, and earth shattering drums. Powerful operatic vocals shift into unearthly growls to create a rich and dynamic atmosphere that is ripe for storytelling. Whether it is a tale of personal struggle or of fantastical creatures, the listener is sure to find themselves immersed in a world apart.

The band is poised and ready to leave a lasting impact within the metal community. With an electrifying stage show and a sound as large as the Dragons of Westeros, they are as talented as they are unforgettable.

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Let Go Daylight was formed by Ralph Renna of Last call and Politics of Contraband, both bands who made their mark in the Upstate NY metal and hardcore scene in the 1990’s, 2000 – present.  Joined by members of Thrust, Flat Broke and Ton of bricks in February 2014, Let Go Daylight quickly shaped as a band, but in a more aggressive rock style. Drummer Rocky Morey with his thunderous sound joined in October 2013, making him, Mike Shudt (bass) and Renna (guitar and vocals) the gears 0f this well oiled machine! In January of 2014 lead guitarist David White joined the group, falling into groove right away and giving the band the final touch it needed to take things in a new direction. In spring of 2014 Let Go Daylight hit the studio with producer Arthur Scott Verver at DMS Studio in Clarksville NY. Let Go Daylight walked into the studio with a vision for the tone of the record, but came out exceeding their expectations with the brilliance and knowledge of producer Verner. Renna states “I have been writing these songs for the past 3 years, some parts and ideas from over 15 years ago” and adds “in 2011 I started jamming with Sean Cranston and Matt Malone, now of the progressive rock band (The Further Unsound), and 3 of the songs on the cd were written then. I realized this sound had potential and I could do things musically now, stepping outside of my comfort zone. But it wasn’t until I called on old friends, who believed in my vision and sound, that’s what made it work” Let Go Daylight simply means to lose grip with reality, but being able to admit and recognize to overcome and move on. The title “Traditions Carved By Wounded Hands” is about life itself. “We are raised and taught the ways of the world, knowledge is handed down, and you hope for the best as you become an adult” says Renna adding, “it’s what we choose to believe, or act and live our life the way we want to no matter what.”  No one is to blame, the finger is not being pointed. This Record had to be made, its real about another chapter of our lives. This is what makes it believable. As for the Monster rock sound of the band goes, Renna describes it as this: “I have lived through , remember and was part of music from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000’s. Rock-n-Roll, blues metal, punk, hip hop, and so on. If we were to jump in a time machine, go back to the 1970’s and start a band. While retaining the musical knowledge of the future it would sound like Let Go Daylight!

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