On.The.Sly & The Diamond Armada & Putnam Den presented Brenmar on Saturday night.

Born in Chicago, refined in New York, Brenmar represents one of the most club friendly voices in bass centric dance music.

Combining the best elements of footwork and UK funky house, then glossing it over with a radio friendly sheen, Brenmar lures his audiences to get close and sweaty. 2012 saw Brenmar expand his collaborations, working with DJ Sliink, Mykki Blanco, DJ Rashad & more.

Fresh off a short tour with Slava, he touched down in Saratoga Springs for a special one off performance just to show you he loves the way you shake it. His interpretations of hip hop and R&B sounds, flipped into bass heavy styles, represents a distinctly NY flavor.

Local support came from a carefully chosen batch of the 518’s finest bass selectors: Karate, Despereaux (The DA), Looney (Deep Children), Party With Tina (KeepAlbanyBoring). and knomad (on.the.sly)